Increasing UV Reactor Efficiency since 2001.

Proven Success

Global Acceptance

UVCalc® has been sold on all continents and is used in more than 20 countries.

Unique Advantage

The only software of its kind that gives major reactor design advantages.

Cost Effective

Saves thousands of dollars that would have been spent testing.

Easy to Use

Takes advanced applied mathematics into a simple to use interface.


UVCalc® is now available in a convenient online format, where the user with internet access can access the software from anywhere. Enter parameters online and then receive the results in a downloaded file within a minute or two.

UVCalc Online can be used to model UV reactors from a simple 1­lamp annular reactor to complex multi­lamp reactors. Both low pressure (monochromatic) and medium pressure (polychromatic) UV lamps can be used.

Expert Support

100% Backed by Dr. James R. Bolton

Since Dr. Bolton published the mathematics of UVCalc® in 2000, he has progressively developed the software so that it can be used for a wide variety of UV reactors. He is available to answer questions and support the software.

Consulting beyond UVCalc®

Dr. Bolton is an internationally recognized consultant in ultraviolet technologies. He is available to assist with any type of UV application.

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7 day FREE Trial
Single UV Lamp
Ideal for small reactors
No Setup Fees
Unlimited Calculations
Cloud storage for Calcs



7 day FREE Trial
Multiple Lamps
Reactors up to 75 Lamps
No Setup Fees
Unlimited Calculations
Cloud Storage for Calcs



Configuration Required
CFD Integration
Unlimited # of Lamps
Unlimited Calculations
API Access
Cloud Storage for Calcs
Customization Options
1 Hour consulting each month
* Enterprise service is under development. Price may vary depending upon complexity of integration.

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